Your Band Name Sucks

Back in April 2008 — before NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft became the first to land in the northern polar region of Mars; before Aeroflot Flight 821 crashes near the city of Perm, Russia, killing all 88 on board; before the official end was declared to the H1N1 influenza pandemic; before, even, the start of the global financial crisis; — I created a Twitter account to document the band names I’ve been coming up with (effortlessly I might add) on a daily basis that are way better than anything you’ve ever heard, looked at, casually glanced toward or even marginally been aware of (in a general sense).

Thus, with a single tweet, @band_names was thrust into existence:

From there I go on to deliver some of the most finely crafted band names to ever grace the flat screen.

This is just a sample from the full collection, which you can access by clicking the dudes below.