List of “Craft Breweries”

This is not an article.

You don’t have to listen to me.

You can buy whatever you want (obviously).

This is just a list that I refer to from time to time.

“Craft” Breweries (Parent Company)

  • 10 Barrel (AB InBev)
  • Ballast Point (Constellation Brands)
  • Blue Moon (MillerCoors)
  • Blue Point (AB InBev)
  • Breckenridge (AB InBev)
  • Devil’s Backbone (AB InBev)
  • Elysian (AB InBev)
  • Fordham and Dominion (AB InBev)
  • Four Peaks (AB InBev)
  • Franziskaner (AB InBev)
  • Hoegaarden (AB InBev)
  • Golden Road (AB InBev)
  • Goose Island (AB InBev)
  • Hop Valley (MillerCoors)
  • Kona (AB InBev)
  • Lagunitas (Heineken International)
  • Landshark (AB InBev)
  • Leinenkugel’s (MillerCoors)
  • Leffe (AB InBev)
  • Magic Hat (North American Breweries)
  • Pyramid (North American Breweries)
  • Redhook (AB InBev)
  • Revolver (MillerCoors)
  • Saint Archer (MillerCoors)
  • Shock Top (AB InBev)
  • Stella Artois (AB InBev)
  • Terrapin (MillerCoors)
  • Wicked Weed (AB InBev)
  • Widmer (AB InBev)