White Chai Ale

I’m not sure if I want to call this a White Chai Ale or a Chai White Ale or something else way more clever than that. Whatever it ends up being called, it better be F-ing good because I just spent all god damn day making it.

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Rye Gose

A traditional Gose is typically brewed with 50-60% wheat, a small amount of hops, and coriander and salt for flavoring. It’s supposed to be a little sour too. You might think of it as a salty/sour Witbier. Actually, you might not cause you don’t know shit, but trust me.

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Homebrew Backlog

Back in April I posted about brewing a Belgian Saison. Well, that one has since been bottled and drank. I think I had the last one a couple weeks ago. The kit I used suggested “cellaring” this one so I saved a six pack for as long as I could, although not in a cellar. I think the last ones probably tasted better but that might have just been in my head.

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